Political Action


Advocacy for refugee-friendly policies is a major part of how we can respond to the refugee crisis. Follow for our various initatives in responding.


Local/city level - mayor's response



Upon seeing that 18 mayors across the U.S. joined in signing a letter to the President affirming their willingness to work with the Administration in resettling more refugees from Syria, we created an appeal to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to join these 18 mayors.


At this link you can find the letter you can use to send to the Mayor's office. 


At this link, you can find the various ways to contact Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.


Increasing the number of syrian refugees - federal level




At this link, you can find our writeup on lobbying by phone, and the phone numbers and contact information of Washington state federal representatives.


At this link, you can find our letter that you can utilize / edit to send to your elected officials.