Stay tuned for upcoming event information - we are currently planning a panel discussion with representatives from various refugee resettlement organizations to learn more about their work in the greater Seattle area, and the resources available to receive Syrian refugees in our communities. Tentative date: Sunday, Oct. 11th. Location TBD





Here you will find summaries of past events as they occur.


  • Sun. Sept 20th - Muslim Association of Puget Sound (in Redmond) is hosting a clothing drive for refugees from 10AM to 5PM. Salaam Cultural Museum has partnered with Value Village to turn all donations into money to support humanitarian and medical aid for refugees. The items will be weighed and cashed out.


  • Sunday, Sept. 13th - University of Washington, Savery Hall, Auditorium 260, 1 PM: planning meeting to go over rough draft of lobbying letter; sharing talents & resources surveys for us to get to know you better!


  • As of 9/7, our website is still very much in its fledgling stages, but within the week we shall have a summary of our Saturday, 9/5 event at the University of Washington. This event was our very first, highlighting aspects of the problems facing refugees as they go throughout the resettlement process, some suggestions of ways to be involved at varying levels through that process, and political action points and our ideas of where do we go from here - immediate response is generating a letter template that individuals can use to contact their representatives and lobby for a change in the policy of how many Syrian refugees will be resettled in the U.S. Some audience discussion and comments followed. A more detailed description is soon to follow as process our minutes from this meeting.