About US


The Washington Rescue Committee for Syrian Refugees is the brainchild of Hussein Ali and a team of dedicated individuals in the greater Seattle area who are passionate about the plight of refugees fleeing the war in Syria, and how to best assist them in their lives as they seek refuge and are resettled in the United States.

The Committee began with an informative and brainstorming event at the University of Washington's Seattle campus on Sept. 5, 2015, with the immediate goal of drumming up ideas for a letter that concerned citizens could utilize to lobby their representatives, both in Washington state and Washington D.C. Ideas from this event both contributed to this goal, as well as hearkened to possible steps beyond this first task.

Please explore the blog pages for further information about the goals of the Washington Rescue Committee for Syrian Refugees, and how you might be able to get involved.



About the Team

Hussein Ali [Executive Director]

Hussein Ali was born and raised in Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, Syria. Hussein currently resides in Washington states alongside with his family who left Syria to immigrate to the US in 2013. Hussein hopes that his family’s experience fleeing the war in Syria will help educating people about the Syrian refugee crisis. 

Zelda Mason [Associate Director]


Zelda Mason was born in the city of Seattle, Washington and later grew up in the suburbs of Sammamish with her family. Zelda is a senior at the University of Washington where she studies Speech and Hearing Sciences. Zelda currently resides with her husband Hussein Ali and his family who fled the war in Syria in 2013. Zelda hopes that her passion to help others in need will bring opportunities to those suffering around the world. 

Nina Boe [Program Director]


Nina is a University of Washington alumna ['10] with a background in Political Science and Eastern European Studies. She brings a background with a longtime interest and commitment to refugee affairs, with lifelong friendships with refugee populations, an internship with the International Rescue Committee, and as a current volunteer with Episcopal Migration Ministries. She is applying for graduate school at the University of Washington, aiming to maintain a public service and global issue focus, with an avid interest in continuing to focus on refugee affairs.


Contact Nina at: nina[at]washingtonsyria[dot]org